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A wonderful classroom pencil sharpener

I have found a pencil sharpener that reminds me so much of one that my dad bought for us when we were kids.  Of course, it is prettier and easier to use.  The main things is that it really works well, just like the one we had.  My dad always got us the best when it came to school supplies.:)

When I was a classroom teacher, sharpening pencils was always a problem.  The noise level was so loud that I only allowed students to sharpen pencils at certain times of the day.  Then, of course, came the complaints.  “Look what happened to my pencil!”  I would routinely look at pencils that had broken off several times or just didn’t have much of a point. I tried sharpeners supplied by the district plus electric sharpeners I bought myself.  Those never lasted very long for some reason.   Don’t even get me started on mechanical pencils.  All I heard was, “I’m out of lead” or “Does anybody have any lead?” or “Somebody stole my lead!”

Now that I am retired, I have found the perfect classroom friendly pencil sharpener, not only for school, but also for home.  It really works, comes with an easy way to mount it, and doesn’t make much noise!  It is just awesome and so much quieter than any other manual or electric pencil sharpener I have ever used.  Plus, the results are perfectly sharpened pencils every time.  It’s more reasonable than most other sharpeners as well (under $20 including shipping).  I absolutely love it.  What a great teacher gift idea! 

The other cool thing about it is the easy emptying of pencil shavings.  Kids don’t have to dismantle the whole thing and attempt to put it back together.  You know what I mean.  We’ve all been there.  The little container under the sharpening part just slides out for easy dumping.  Yay!  I am all about reducing stress, and wanted to share this cool sharpener with my readers. 



Posted: Wednesday, February 02, 2011 12:38 PM by Betty

Teachinfourth said:

Thank you for this great idea! I hate how loud the pencil sharpeners are we have at school (well, those that haven't been ruined). I'm off to check this one out!

# February 6, 2011 10:21 PM said:

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Jamboree In The Hills said:

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