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Being part of beautiful

On a recent visit to the oncologist (four years now), I was sitting in the lobby drinking that stuff that makes it possible to have one’s body scanned.  It comes in a container and is a vanilla flavored concoction that must be divided into two portions.  Drink part, wait, and then finish it.  Support people are sitting around drinking coffee.  Being a part of this always makes me realize how lucky I am and also scares me to think that at any time I could be right back at square one.

This time something magical happened.  A young girl was making her way around the room.  I noticed that some people followed her to a table while others shook their heads and stayed in their seats.  It occurred to me that she might be selling something.  When she approached me, she explained that I could come over to the table and paint.  She said it was a paint by number painting, so I figured I didn’t have anything to lose.  As we walked, she explained that all of the patients were being asked to do a part of the painting, and the completed work would be displayed in the new cancer building.  I felt like a little kid again when we arrived at the table.  The brushes were big and fat, and the colors were bright.

I chose green since it is my favorite color.  The girl told me to look for the number 1, and I was delighted to find this tiny little circle that I could paint green.  I also found a few other little spots to paint.  I was careful and did the best I could. 

The next time I go, I will get to see the whole painting.  I feel honored to be a part of the project.  It’s hard to understand, but the Sammons Cancer Center is a place where everyone is nice.  We are all there together.  People working there sing while processing your paperwork.  There is no rudeness.  There is no ugly.

Posted: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 1:16 PM by Betty

dkzody said:

I'm so glad you participated and will get to see the finished product. It is a wonderful testimony to life.

# November 25, 2010 3:25 PM

Melissa B. said:

What a wonderful testament to longevity and strength. Bravo!

# December 5, 2010 2:32 PM

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